Ricky Clep

Ricky is a super imaginative, ultra-creative dude. When he’s not coming up with totally out-there (we’re talking mad-crazy) ideas for marketing the group, he’s coming up with catchy tunes that turn into pop earwigs. (Sure the lyrics may not make sense to anyone but Ricky, but they’ve got a sassy beat and you can dance to ‘em till you drop.)

As you might guess, Ricky isn’t totally grounded in human-type reality – he’s grounded in “possibility” – cause, you know, in the everyday life of a cartoon-dude like Ricky everything is possible…at least, kinda possible, until it all goes south and Ricky has to fix whatever it is that he totally messed up.

Ricky can definitely find the fun any situation – even if it’s doing chores or surviving some dumb job, because he doesn’t really see the world the way everyone else does. Heck, if he saw a turned over trash can, he’d be glad that the cute little trash monsters were finally freed from their tin can prison —then he’d write a song about them and take them all home.

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