JERAKIM is a fun-loving hedonist who gets carried away with partying. He’d find it hard not to spend the band’s hard-earned savings on glow sticks. He’s always ripping his t-shirt off to ‘get down’ – and then realizing that he’s  just supposed to be waiting for a bus. To Jerakim, Soul Jump are his family and he would do anything for his homies. He has been known to disappear for entire episodes just looking for curry mince! It doesn’t take much to distract our over-excited child-like Jerakim – but when it comes to parties – this dude is the king of thrills – heart above head! Jerakim really brings Ricky out of his shell. In fact Colin is quite threatened about the growing friendship between Ricky and will often try and sabotage it..

Jerakim in the group

JERAKIM That beat is banging, man. I can feel it in my bones – doof, doof, doof. Oh yeah, hear me now! No, don’t turn your car alarm off, dude! How he interacts: RICKY is like an instant twin brother with Jerakim. Ricky finds Jerakim hilarious and the two of them together are complete loons that drive Colin crazy. They also get very lost with timekeeping that can make Joy crack. joyis a cool girl in Jerakim’s world BUT if she ever plays an arcade game with Jerakim, both of them go evil on each other in a rather dangerous way! colin to Jerakim is a little dude that needs to go in the fridge n’ chill but he loves the little eggy dude and is the first to show love to our grumpy egg. I can feel it in my bones – doof, doof, doof. Oh yeah, hear me now! RIckelle is good fun to Jerakim. He brings out her edgy front and has a good giggle with the real Rickelle. you guys are like Ricky squared homies!!


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