Introducing Soul Jump!


Soul Jump is a new animated virtual band taking the whole concept of an animated band to the next level.

Soul Jump’s sound is upbeat, positive, funky and highly melodic. Since we’re an animated band we mix music with comedy in a very entertaining way – Think Gorillaz meets the Muppets. The band members Ricky the front man monsquito face, Colin the cyncial, posh egg drummer, Joy the bass guitarist, power vocalist and pragmatic cool girl, Sasha the edgy rock younger sis of Ricky, party fun-loving rap artist Jerakim and technology wizard and mysterious DJ Sketch are all very different but somehow together we’re a neon colourful bunch of close friends ready to unleash our music and comedy on the world!

Soul Jump put on gigs for kids and adults and anyone much like the Muppets.

We project animations on screen full of comedy and animated magic.

As well as our live shows and virtual gigs, Soul Jump has been developed as a full animated series and have webisodes and sketches to be viewed in our video section.

Our vision is big – To colour the world with songs that are meaningful, full of positive messages and crazy comedy. Soul Jump are positive role models for a world that’s often gloomy, confused n’ dark – We’re all about love, friendship n faith dudes!

Please follow us on our social media channels and spread the word.

It’s time to SOUL JUMP!!