is 1 rude, lazy, posh, cynical egg drummer.

Colin is Ricky’s best friend from growing up and the ultimate anti-friend. Whereas Ricky smiles through life, Colin criticizes & judge anything negatively including his best buddy who he tends to claim he’s just keeping Ricky’s feet on the ground (although Colin has no feet!) Colin wishes secretly he could be more positive like Ricky
– but he doesn’t have it in his yolk-shaped heart

RICKY: Look outside Colin – We need to spread some sunshine to them we do Colin!

COLIN: LOL! right on the bald patch!

RICKY: COLIN!?! Did you just drop an egg on that guy’s head!?!

COLIN: Colin is always a little playful on a Monday morning

Colin in the group

RICKY Colin walks all over Ricky, like the friend he can be his silly self with and takes him for granted. Underneath all of Colin’s sarcastic Ricky put downs he really loves his best buddy and without realizing it Ricky is his superhero.

JOY Joy sees the soft eggy yoke on the inside of our rude, self-centered – she’s often the

only one that can see the good in Colin and often helps put back his shell pieces when he’s down.

JERAKIM Drives Colin crazy. His complete carefree nature frustrates Colin’s uptight one. He’s secretly jealous of Jerakim’s instant new friendship with Ricky n’ tries to sabotage it quite a lot!

RICKELLE is the only member of SJ that puts Colin in his place and he both hates n’ loves her for it!

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