Ricky’s younger sister. She’s a teen, but she’s got bags of attitude. She dresses like a gothy emo, making a lot of effort to be too cool for school by adopting a cynical tone and sarcastic one-liners. Black hair, black clothes, and a white face with black mascara – Sasha is awkward and self-conscious.  Black hair, black clothes, and a white face with black mascara – Sasha is awkward and self-conscious.  She likes to think she’s very intense and moans that people don’t understand her angst. But it’s all an act – and underneath she is a sweet and joyous young woman, albeit one who is always playing the part of “Doomy Teen”.

Sasha in the group

RICKY Hey we’re going to have a barbecue! SASHA Yay! Woop! I mean, yeah whatever. How she interacts: COLIN She should be Colin’s perfect fit as a girlfriend – they’re both cynical and self-obsessed – but neither she nor Colin can see it (in fact they rub each the wrong way). “You’re an egg, get over it, dude.” JOY She finds Joy’s upbeat smiley nature anathema to her goth sensibilities. While Joy would sniff a flower in a meadow,
Sasha would make a big deal about cutting it off at the stem as a “comment on the transitory nature of life”. Secretly though, Sasha looks up to Joy – she’s cool and beautiful and doesn’t seem awkward in her own body (unlike Rickelle). So she’ll ask for advice from Joy but then she’ll have to make a sarky comment to downplay what Joy’s advice means to her. She is surprised by Joy’s sudden bursts of fury! JERAKIM She likes the big lump and enjoys his mad schemes and hedonistic tendancies. Their musical tastes are very different – and the two of them will always be trying to convert the other to their CD collection. “No, give Mortal Death Team a listen…you’ll love it.” RICKY She views her brother as the chink in her armour – her Achilles’’ heel. This is because he knows what she is really like and he could break her pretence at gothy angst at any time he wishes (and he often does).

Ricky doesn’t do this from meanness – just from knowing his sister as the girl who liked jumping in puddles as a kid or the girl who had a giant teddy bear until she was fourteen. Ricky knows who she really is – beyond the artifice.

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