Joy is super positive with a quirky worldview. But she is a little naïve. She is the feel good heart of Soul Jump – always spurring the others to overcome obstacles – but sometimes her lack of worldliness and trust in others can lead her into comic situations. Joy has a unique take on the world – often bizarrely left-field. She might decide to only wear red clothes for a week or she might shave her head to show solidarity with a charity to stop bald-headed men being victimized. Or she might sell all her belongings in exchange for a comic book to give to one of her friends.

Joy in the group

JOY The thing is, you’ve got to look for the silver lining. Whatever is going wrong in your life, you’ve got to find some positive angle, something good to hold onto. You know?

COLIN Colin doesn’t know if he can. Colin is affected by ennui.

JOY Aw get over yourself, YOU FLAMING STUPID EGG!!

COLIN Colin feels worse.

RICKY He is besotted with Joy but can never quite find the way to ask her

out (and even if he did, Joy would assume they were going as friends). She is oblivious to the signs – even the song “I Love A Girl In the Band. Not the One Who’s My Sister” doesn’t make Joy think he has any feelings for her. But one day, Ricky will find a way to propose his undying love for her…

COLIN Joy sees Colin as a project – someone whom she can work on to improve their world view and their attitude. “Just sniff that flower, Colin. Doesn’t it
make you feel good? No, don’t eat it.”

RICKELLE She enjoys spending time with Rickelle – and sees

a kinship between them as they are the two women in the

band. She is flattered that Rickelle often shows heroine-

worship to her. Joy will struggle to stop Rickelle becoming too cynical and sarcastic – seeing herself in a battle with Colin to steer the young woman on the right path. “Don’t go to Colin’s dark side. He’s like Emperor Palpatine in yolk form.” JERAKIM She loves his enthusiasm & hedonism and how he’ll do things from the heart.

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